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Overhead Conveyors

If you are considering new or expanded material handling capabilities write to us. That is first step in developing the most appropriate solution to your needs.


Roller Conveyors

Gravity Rollers, Bends , Switches , Powered Rollers, Bends-Diverters, Automatic Transfers , Floor Conveyance , Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors.


Storage Solution

complete range of slotted angle racks,
heavy duty racks, library racks,
display racks,etc.


Welcome to Divya International

We at Divya International offer the simplest engineering solution for the most difficult industrial automation needs.

Our products include overhead conveyors, spray painting plants, powder coating plants, industrial ovens, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, storage solutions like slotted angle racks, heavy duty racks, library racks, industrial lockers, super market racks, etc.


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